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Test the Bible will always be expanding and adding new, relevant material. It is important to have multiple sources, and it is important to support others who seek to help and deliver the TRUTH.


That is why we have created a LINKS page with a great list of resourses that can be used to study and share the truth.


Enjoy and Share!


1. Christian Investment Analysis LLC:

          - Combining a Biblical Worldview & Investment Analysis to Survive & Thrive through the emergence of the Digital Age.


2. Drudge Report:

- Matt Drudge links to news articles around the world, always fighting for the truth and against socialist media.


3. Life, Hope & Truth:

- The latest insights, weekly newsletter and daily bible study verses.


4. Faithful Word Baptist Church:

- Pastor Steven Anderson located in the Phoenix area.


5. Testing the Globe:

- Rob Skiba website that chronicles his research into the Biblical Flat Earth. A great place to start and research God's creation and our true reality. Beware of his pushing of the Hebrew Roots Movement.


6. Framing the World:

- Official store for films that matter and other christian merchandise.


*Alternative Media is the only place to get the truth in todays controlled mainstream media. If you are getting your "news" from the TV you need to turn it off and use other sources to truly stay informed.

YouTube Channels

1. Face Like the Sun


2. Koinonia House


3. The Dollar Vigilante


4. Steven Anderson


5. Rob Skiba


6. Ron Paul Liberty Report

7. Biblical Preaching



*Please check out the Test the Bible YouTube Channel (just click the link!):

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