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The Bible teaches us about every aspect of life. It also does one of the most amazing and divine things; the Bible warns us about the FUTURE in a VERY SPECIFIC WAY.


All throughout the Old Testament there are prophecies of the first and second coming of Jesus Christ. All throughout the New Testament there are prophecies about tribulation, great tribulation, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. As the prophecies of Christ's first coming were fulfilled perfectly, so too will the future prophecies be fulfilled.


The scary thing is (if your not a Christian) all Biblical prophecies about the political, financial, religious, and technological future of humanity are moving ever closer to fulfillment.


I know you have heard God's wrath defined as 'Armageddon' and 'doomsday' scenarios that bring fire, plagues, famines, earthquakes, and death. That is true, but they forgot to tell you what the Bible says the world is going to be like during times of tribulation and great tribulation. Both periods of time occur PRIOR to God pouring out his wrath.


Todays governments, laws, and law makers are manifesting the exact reality predicted by the Holy Bible, including economic, political, military, technological, and banking strategies that are all developed to prepare and establish government that will operate on a global level.


In other words, they are hard at work building and strengthening a New World Order that will be brought to the people during a time of much chaos. AT THIS TIME, the New World Order (openly called for by public officials, including Obama, and the back of the American dollar) has openly exposed their workings and the proof has been published accidentally by the mainstream media and purposefully by the alternative media.


Alex Jones ( and Matt Drudge ( are just two of many investigative journalists that are on the frontline of covering true headline news. They have documented evidence of NWO operations and consistently and accurately expose their plans.


Whether they mean to or not, the banksters and NWO elite are setting up the world to fulfill economic, political, military, technological, and banking prophecies found in multiple books of the Bible including the Revelation of Jesus Christ!



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