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The *Planned Loneliness Epidemic

A great article from Life, Hope & Truth by Becky Sweat analyzing multiple studies and interviewing multiple M.D. that elaborate on their conclusions. One M.D. Kaslow says. “We have it instilled into us that we cannot trust anyone. We have been forced to become insular and isolated from others in our community, due to fear and anxiety in order to feel safe.”

This is part of the New World Order agenda to isolate everyone and take away as much of the community aspect of society as possible. It is a social war strategy of divide and conquer, the ultimate push for individualism and independence in a false light.

The founding fathers reviewed and signed the Declaration of Independence packed in one room, united in one cause; freedom and God given rights for everyone. Today we can show Harvard studies (used in this article) that expose mainstream media promoting practices that lead to isolation and loneliness of the people to weaken their minds and further their Satanic agenda.

Trends in our modern world are leaving more and more people feeling isolated and lonely. What can we do to help counteract this epidemic?

By Becky Sweat

*See full article here:

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