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Are Interest Rates going to Pop the Derivative Bubble?

In 2008 Americans witnessed the popping of the US housing market by means of irresponsible over-lending (Bush housing policy) and poorly structured CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligation) traded between big lenders.

The bubble was the largest of all most recent bubbles and was valued at about $4 trillion. Trillions in calculated wealth disappeared overnight as incoming payment defaults tipped the scales and made a loud enough noise to wake up even the smallest of investors who saw the effects on the housing market and economy first hand.

For the last 8 years the USA has been "recovering" from this bubble pop mainly through non-existent interest rates (only one rate hike in last 8 years) set by the Federal Reserve and a ridiculous amount of "quantitative easing (QE)," or printing money at an unhealthy rate in order to falsely stimulate and manipulate a dying market. QE is like giving CPR to a kadaver, or sending an electric jolt through Frankenstein. Its enough to make it move, and even seem like something positive is happening to the untrained eye, but when the stimulating stops so does the movement and any false sign of life.

Interest rates increase

The USA, and quite frankly the world, now face a new bubble, and not as a recovered healthy free market, but as a dying and over stimulated Frankenstein of a market. It is the derivative bubble and it is estimated to be valued at $556 trillion. If a $4 trillion bubble brought down the USA to its knees for 8 years, and we show no sign of getting back up (even with Trump policies), what will be the consequences of a bubble 139 times larger?

This is why I included the world above with the USA, because the next bubble pop will be felt by the entire worldwide banking system. Big banks will fail, again, but this time there will not be enough money even from an entire united worlds GDP ($76 trillion annually), to bail out the banks who created this calculated wealth out of thin air, and sold it to those who would buy it, in order to line their own pockets, increase their bottom lines, and fluff market values.

If the bubble were to pop, the entire banking system would have to start from scratch in what would amount to a Biblical Jubilee of debt forgiveness. For this reason, I believe the bubble will not pop, even with interest rate hikes that are promised by the FED and could be announced within 24 hours.

Many doomsdayers and conspiracy theorists are pushing the idea that even a rate hike of the planned .25% by the Federal Reserve will be enough to push the interconnected worldwide banking system to the brink. Could it be? I doubt it. Why?

Because I believe this next bubble, the Derivative Bubble, is reserved for the designed final pop that will kill the "outdated" worldwide system and usher in a new mandatory banking system that will be integrated with future technologies, that at the right time will be popular and in demand by the world, but considered trans-human by those who believe in God and humanity and are "stuck in the past."

The picture has been painted and with each leap in technology and each push for technological integration and cashless society, the picture becomes more revealed and even more clear. A rate hike, or even a devaluation of the dollar, will not bring down the global banking system.

Yes, life in the USA will change and what an American considers a necessary first world amenity will no longer be a common amenity or part of common life style. Many will suffer and many will die. Rest assured, those who lose the least will be considered the best off, and the less assets you hold in cash, the less you will lose. It is time to be prepared for a weaker dollar and a weaker USA, no matter how optimistic you are about President Trump.

The world will go on and time will move forward according to our Lord Jesus Christ and his perfect will and plan. Just as the empires of Persia, Greece, and Rome became history, so too will the spiritual Babylon USA bring judgment from God and become history.

At some point in the future, we can expect a global banking crisis that results from a bubble pop, but it will not be from a FED rate hike, and it will not take place in a world where the system can not fully support the mark of the beast policy that will be a key aspect to security and safety within the new banking system and technology.

Nonetheless, we must remain diligent and we must watch, even more so in these latter times, for the Biblical prophecies to be fulfilled by our actions by the amazing majesty and foreknowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen

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