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Christians NEED to KNOW about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This is a repost from Christian Investment Analysis LLC. Since yours truly is the founder, I wanted to share this MEMBERS ONLY content from our CIA community to the Test the Bible Community.

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'Fiat currency, along with its fractional reserve banking policy and deflationary value, is on the way out. Printing endless amounts of cash and charging the people to do so, literally and through interest/inflation, has finally (in God’s timing) caught up with the Federal Reserve and central banks worldwide. The rich have oppressed us systematically (James 2:6).

They have hyper inflated the current system to build the infrastructure of the United Nations and the New World Order, but their derivative and debt-based system has been pushed to the limit and has actually mathematically failed. This realization will manifest eventually (and I believe sooner rather than later). The corruption has driven the Federal Reserve Dollar to the brink of collapse, and fractional reserve practices have already bankrupt Greece while putting many others, including the entire European Union, on the brink of default too.

Not even 10 Years ago, many called the theoretical cryptocurrency movement the “War on Cash.” Some even labeled it malicious and warned of the dangers of such progressive technology and the control that comes with it. They were 100% right to sound the warning bell, but today their warning is overshadowed by massive profits, and an inflationary currency that can benefit all users and the economy. People are tired of the current debt based fiat system. Cryptocurrencies have quickly shifted from being a threat of ultimate control and a leader of the “War on Cash” to become the “people’s choice” and the seemly solution to escape from the broken fractional reserve fiat system.

The time has now come (8 years after its initial existence) to turn our attention to this emerging market and its short, mid, and long-term effects on todays’ financial markets. In the near future, those who choose to keep their liquid assets within the failing fractional reserve system will most likely lose it all. According to the Silver to Dollar Ratio, the actual purchasing power of $1 is only $0.021 cents.

We are on our way to a cashless society and there are transitional obstacles to be aware of as society moves from fiat to digital currency. These obstacles will lead to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for investments in companies that are offering value and solutions within the digital currency and blockchain market. The next 5 to 10 years (conservatively) will yield revolutionary changes and profits in money market finance and exchange (both by institutions and consumers).

Blockchain (a distributed database) which handles the transaction processing of a cryptocurrency, in the form of a public or decentralized ledger, has been around for almost 9 years after being implemented in 2009 (2008 – White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto). Within the last six months the cryptocurrency market explosion, whose timing raises some red flags, has marked what seems to be the appointed time for cryptocurrency to begin its official journey to mainstream implementation, acceptance, and usage.

Today it seems people are waking up to the true value of the decentralized and inflationary currency recorded on a public ledger, but so are the banks and other nations like China and Russia who are both working with and investing in blockchain technology while at the same time banning it for their people.

In 2015, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $5 billion. By January 2016, the market cap had grown by 40% to $7 billion. In January 2017, the market cap had grown by 168% to $18.7 billion. As of today, June 20th 2017, the total market cap has grown by another 469% to $106 billion.

Some people claim that cryptocurrency is now within a speculative bubble. I disagree. The speculative bubble was 3 years ago when the excitement around the blockchain was hyped up before it was ready (or before there was a real need or global marketing opportunity/call for “freedom from the banks”). The hype drove the market cap in one quarter from $1.5 billion in October 2013 to $15.7 billion in Jan 2014. One quarter later in April 2014, the bubble popped and the market cap went back down to $6 billion. The potential of Cryptocurrency and its share of the money market was realized (which is why it still retained an increased market cap value), but the timing of the housing crisis along with a deep-rooted trust in the banks overshadowed the blockchain’s revolutionary technology and solutions to the broken system.

Cryptocurrency today is in the same place the internet was when people first began to realize its full potential. At first it was not that popular and there was no huge profit-generating market formed (like we see today with money made online on Cyber Monday). It took the formation of user friendly operating systems and web browsers, like NetScape, AOL, and Internet Explorer that allowed easy access to content and online markets for the widespread adoption, acceptance, and use of the internet. From there the rest is history.

Today, the cryptocurrency market cap is $106 billion, a small fraction compared to the majority of other money market caps. If we were to go fully digital, then the market cap of cryptocurrency would match the worldwide GDP: ~ $75 trillion.

Even if the fiat system still holds a majority market share (as it would in a slow transitional phase), the ease of use and increased security and privacy offered by cryptocurrency, along with the elimination of the middle man and its associated costs, will allow cryptocurrency to steadily capture market share. By 2020, if cryptocurrency is able to capture 1/75th of the global market, the market cap would be $1 trillion. That would result in exponential growth in cryptocurrency values.

Here are the results of similar growth from June 2016 at a $10 billion market cap to June 27th 2017 at a $106 billion market cap:

ETHEREUM - June 2016: $12 June 2017: $320

A $12,000 investment in June 2016 would have bought you 1,000 Ether coins. Today their value is $320,000.

BITCOIN - June 2016: $225 June 2017: $2571

A $10,000 investment in June 2016 would have bought you 44.44 BitCoin. Today their value is $114,255.

DASH - June 2016: $8 June 2017: $184

A $10,000 investment in June 2016 would have bought you 1,250 Dash coins. Today their value is $230,000.

RIPPLE - June 2016: $0.01 June 2017: $0.27

A $10,000 investment in June 2016 would have bought you 1,000,000 Ripple. Today their value is $270,000.

As you can see, cryptocurrency has been an extremely lucrative market. However, as with any investment, there are risks involved. Blockchain technology has been solid for the most part, but cryptocurrency trading platforms and digital wallets have been susceptible to hackers. Also, there is the possibility in the distant future of quantum computers being able to hack the blockchain, therefore making it insecure. Some argue quantum computers will not exist, but I simply want to highlight the potential risks.

Furthermore, is it time for a new system? Will we take the first steps into the future society that will eventually allow for the implementation of the mark of the beast? Cryptocurrency makes it possible to control who can buy and sell. Revelation 13:17, “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” It is extremely clear that the potential for this abuse of power will one day be recognized and used against the people.

If we do go to the new digital system, how long will it take to implement on such a wide scale? What type of regulatory policies will exist within the market? Can any cryptocurrency dominate the market? There are a lot of questions that can only be answered in a hypothetical statement containing too many unpredictable variables. What I do know is that digital currency is a system of control (even though it is marketed as financial freedom), and I believe it is the embryonic stage of the system that is eventually used by the antichrist to enforce the mark of the beast.

What the world utilizes for evil, God can use for good! Four years ago there was a premature bubble built on the hope that cryptocurrency was the solution to the current system. Today, cryptocurrency is growing at an exponential rate and grabbing the attention of the everyday person who has had enough with the practices and policies of the banks. The banks themselves are heavily investing and beta testing blockchain financial technology in preparation for wide-scale adoption (or dare I say it, as an escape from the upcoming stock market crash or even the crash of the dollar).

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market has been bullish for six months now, and every time you think the momentum is dying down, it just happens to be a healthy pullback that leads to higher highs and higher lows. There can be a pullback in the short-term, but in my opinion, this is the appointed time for the explosion of cryptocurrency. It will continue to grow, slowly at first as did the internet, until it completely dominates the market. Cryptocurrency will eventually eliminate the need and desire for cash.

This light introduction is barely even the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and become a CIA Member to survive and thrive through the largest transfer of wealth in history."

I hope you enjoyed our MEMBERS ONLY content.

Our Bible believing brothers and sisters need to know this is happening now, we need to pray and prepare our families for the prophetical future of the Word.

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