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What Can We Think Now?

Trying to balance life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without consciously submitting ourselves to the will of God is like an elephant trying to balance on a basketball. It can not be done. We think all these "things of the world" will make us happy, but if we are honest with ourselves, we know that relationships hold the most value in this world, not material things. Yet, who does not love a new piece of tech or a new "toy."

Truth is, God wants us to have all of these things! BUT he also wants us to SEEK HIM FIRST, ABOVE ALL THINGS, and these worldly things will be added unto you. What a great blessing, and in this blessing trials, tribulations, and rewards.

Knowing these things, one would assume the Christian community would look different today than it actually does. In the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness (the American dream) the church has almost reached a state of apostasy. The "state of apostasy" that I believe the church in our time is headings towards is not far off in the distant one-world future. The universal church is being formed right in front of our eyes. The Pope, a leader in organizing world religion, is openly a false prophet. How much longer is this willed to go on?

Even putting fulfilled prophecy aside, chances are, not that much longer. Maybe its time to put off our ideal lives, chasing/enjoying the American dream, and to submit to the perfect and pleasing will of Jesus Christ.

We very well may be one of the final generations before the return of Christ. Upon His return, He will not be looking for big bank accounts or donations, all material possessions will be worthless. He will gather His servants who do the will of the Father, and He will establish His millennial kingdom.

Are you ready for this day? Or are you still trying to be an elephant balancing on a basketball; balancing this world (your goals) and your spiritual world (God's will for you) thinking there is value in both? There is only value in Jesus!

What can we think now?

Now we can think on Jesus and stay the course. Now we can place all our hope in Him. Now we can know He saves us. Now we can stop balancing life and fall at the feet of Jesus, where He will guide us and lead us to everlasting life. Amen.

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