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Lawmakers Seek...Slaves Provide

Some politicians want to ban cash, arguing that cash is helping criminals. The first steps in that direction are the withdrawal of big denomination notes and the limits imposed on cash payments.

Proponents of a ban on cash claim that this will help fight criminal transactions — involved in money laundering, terrorism, and tax evasion. These promises of salvation are used to get the general public to agree to a society without cash. But there is no convincing proof for the claim that the world without cash will be a better one. Even if undesirable behavior is indeed financed by cash, you still need to answer the question: will the undesirable behavior disappear without cash? Or will those who commit the undesirable acts take to new ways and means to reach their goal?

MEANWHILE, people who have fallen in love with the world and submitted themselves to slavery are supplying politicians with their signatures through petitions to "Ban Cash."

These people are probably not aware that the Bible predicts a society in end times that one could not buy or sell if they do not have the "mark of the beast" in/on their right hand or forehead.

This is just taking us one step closer to a system of control, and eventually law, that will fulfill Biblical prophecy.

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